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Constructive Criticism Post.
My present isn't a dead bird this time!
Please comment here with any questions, concerns, or comments about how I play Necoco. I want to do him justice, and I want to keep everyone comfortable as I do it: I can only attempt to accomplish this with your help!

All comments are screened. Thank you for your time!

[itp: mistletoe]
Who's got the cream

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awwwwwwww yeeeeaaaah

[AU: Gotham Academy]
My present isn't a dead bird this time!
[Naoki (Necoco to his friends) Hanazawa, a junior, is not very good at math. Dick Grayson, a freshman, is awesome at math. Together, they are taking a very boring pre-calculus course, and Necoco won't stop fiddling with the end of his tie.]
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Obligatory blank icon
[Necoco is looking super fine and cooking some nabe at his place. Rihanna is playing on the radio. Who will make Necoco feel like the only girl in the world?]
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[The Touch of Satan]
It's poisoned! WITH MY LOVE
[This is bad. REALLY bad. The 70's hair and copious amounts of public domain songsinging just make it worse. Finally, when Melissa says "this is where the fish live" while gesturing to the pond, as if introducing it to her boyfriend, Necoco starts laughing and cannot fucking stop.]
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Man, I never use this journal.
&doki doki
[IC MISTLETOE POST. For Admiral ZEX/Necoco/Hikyou Banchou/Smellerbee/Longshot/Skwisgaar Skwigelf. Comment here and let me know who you want!]

I Play a Rapist, or, Lines of Communication
Vibrating catboy: ultimate sextoy
Necoco, as I may have mentioned, has forced himself sexually on Eiji more than once. I realize that this is an unexcusable squick to lots of people, and normally it would be for me too! Obviously, I feel that there are extenuating circumstances that would make Necoco fun to have around in camp--otherwise I wouldn't have apped him--and I would love the opportunity to assure people that I mean well and also do not wish to rape their characters.

For the record, I do not think Necoco is sexually interested in people other than Eiji, so he won't go around raping indiscriminately. He is a love machine, not a... rape machine... which why would you even make that--ANYWAY what I am saying is, in terms of general interactions he will just act like a normal ("normal" obviously used loosely, here) bipolar robot catboy lovedoll, shifting between moe-moe and bratty when he feels like it/is driven to by outside forces.

Since I also play Admiral ZEX, I feel like I sort of have the hang of asking people about sexy stuff before I go and do it. Still, by no means does that lead me to believe Necoco will be a walk in the park for me. So, that is the purpose of this post!

Please, if Necoco:
-Does something that makes you uncomfortable
-Is advancing on you, and you need an IC savior
-Is just a character who, NO EXCEPTIONS, you do not want to play with

I totally understand! Comment here (or contact me over email--enjoyshumans at gmail--or IRC; commenting here is just a more permanent reminder for me) and I will take your worries into account, and try not to ruffle any feathers.

Thank you for your time!

Appplication and Percentage.
Who's got the cream

Character: Necoco
Series: Love Neko
Character Age: Only a few months old, tops, but acts like an 18-year-old
Canon: Feeling lonely? Wistful? Horny? Then the 3D High-Tech Moe-Girl “Necoco” might just be for you! Yabuki Eiji, a desperate high school teacher, was completely sold on the catgirl product the instant he saw the picture of her sweet, longing face on the website—however, the real thing totally differed from his expectations. Necoco is stubborn, bratty, forceful, a borderline rapist—and, most importantly to Eiji, male. The yandere catboy insisted that he was good enough for Eiji, though, and tries his best to fulfill his role as the ultimate love machine... even when Eiji demands that Necoco put his pants back on.

Still, if one bothers to get past his bipolar tendencies and shit-eating grin, Necoco is a pretty decent guy, who makes a mean bento lunchbox and can take a punch like a pro. Even though he's a robot, he is capable of completely human emotions, to such a degree that he has emotional disorders. He's obsessive, socially inept, and totally earnest in his love for Eiji, even if all he knows about relationships comes from the three virginal anime nerds who programmed him. Eiji is all he really thinks about, and that comes across in how he acts and reacts to everything he encounters. His greatest fear is being returned as defective merchandise, since that would mean he'd either be assigned to someone else or disassembled completely. Still, to Necoco, the only way Eiji can truly accept him is to accept his dick in Eiji's ass—yes, the catboy tops—and is not above the use of crocodile tears, blackmail, pleading, or other unfair tactics to get his way.

Sample Post:

Eiji... do you hate me...?

When you bought me, I'd never felt that happy before... the moment I saw you, I was instantly in love with you! Your smile, your eyes, your warmth—you're exactly my type, and I know you must feel the same way. But now I'm l-lost in this b-big scary forest, and I d-don't know anyone, and I'm so scared! Eiji, come save me! I'm waiting here for you~!


...YOU ASSHOLE! Stranding me in the middle of the forest with a bunch of—whatever the hell these are! What's your problem?! If this is about me sucking you off under your desk that one time, I swear I didn't know there were students in the classroom. I mean, how was I supposed to know? They were so damn quiet, and you were making such cute noises, and! And I'm only human, okay? Or, well, not exactly, but—whatever! Get ready to bend over, because the second I find you again it's Doublestuff time, tail and all. Come and save me—no, not you, you weird toucan thing. What are you even trying to do? Just because I look like a cat doesn't mean that I'm going to eat you that way, pervert. The only cream I'm interested in getting, you don't offer, got it?

--Nyaaa, what—hey! Don't touch me there, you gorilla freak! I'm private property! So what if there are twelve of you, do I look like I care? Just 'cuz a guy's got cat ears and a tail doesn't make him easy, got it? I'm a one-man love machine. Don't expect me to go “iyan~” or any of that, okay? Because if you put your purple mitts on me again, you damn dirty ape, I swear that when you pull it back it'll be a bloody stump. Like hell I'm giving it up to you when I haven't even pounded Eiji yet!

...Heh. So that's how it is, is it? You're not gonna go down without a fight? Well, pucker up, ugly, so you can meet the curb with some cushion. I wanna give you what you want, and you clearly want your ass handed to you, so...

Leave it to me from now on! ♥

Voting: 41 in, 11 out: 78.8%

Stats and Permissions.
Wanna be on your hot tin roof
Name: Necoco
Age: Appears, and acts, 18
Height: ...Man I think of it as like... "moe height"... like 5'5"? 5'4"? Somewhere around there anyway.
Weight: While he appears skinny but still has some muscle, since he's a machine he doesn't actually have heavy flesh and blood. I'm going with "surprisingly light."
Medical Info: ...He's a robotic catboy lovedoll? He doesn't have any viruses or anything.
Eyes: ...It varies? I don't know what to say here, I'M GOING WITH GREEN FOR NOW
Hair: Black.
Physical traits: Wiry build, perfect skin, catboy robot. He probably has a pretty impressive dick, since sex is his purpose and all that, but I somehow doubt that will come into play very often.
What's Okay To Mention Around Him/Her: Say anything! If it's really outside of his worldview he'll just assume you're lying.
Abilities: Necoco was created for the physical act of love, so he's got some skills THERE, but as for everything else... he's a robot. He can take a punch, and fight pretty successfully, even though it's pretty scrappy since he doesn't have a style or anything. His tail is entirely prehensile.
Notes for the Psychics: He's thinking about Eiji all the time, and screwing Eiji, and what Eiji smells like, and what Eiji ate for lunch today, and really just. Don't read his mind if you can help it. It is a silly place.
Can I shapeshift/bodyswap/spit at/step on/etc?: Communication is a must for me, but you could probably do the last two without asking.
Maim/Murder/Death: I'm going with "no" for now. If there are extenuating circumstances/compelling reasons to change, I might make this into "ask me first."
Cooking: Really great, actually! He cooks for Eiji all the time, and he's programmed to be an excellent chef, so there you go.
Other: He says "nyaa," but not "iyan." I'm sorry.


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